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I, apparently, suck at LJ
Smile, Nature, River
Because nothing of import has happened, and thus I deem that no post shall be made. However, it's apparently custom here to post regardless of importance just so that those who could ask you don't have to ;) 

< /snark >


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LJ is for thoughts and feelings and little things just as much as it is for important things that happen. *shrug*

Yeah, but as you know, I try to spend more time experiencing life than documenting it. :) I just got one to make you happy!

reflection is an important part of experiencing! ;)

You posted!! *Flailing glomp-age*

And you do not suck at LJ. You just have yet to learn to proper etiquette of e-whining. XD

But how do you feel about nothing happening! Why did nothing happen? GO DO SOMETHING! ^_^

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