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Goodbye, LiveJournal
Smile, Nature, River
In an effort to live "off-line," I'll be stopping my posting here on LJ. I thought that perhaps it would bring Ameya and I closer together if we had a shared activity, but in all reality, it hasn't done much at all for our bonding. I'd rather learn things from conversations with her, not through reading it on here. 

We'll see if that works, though she's not big on sharing with me anymore. It's so strange, before we lived together we talked about everything. Now, we talk about nothing. I just want those days back, so I'm going to purposely remove myself from any sort of accidental discovery about her day, her feelings or her events so that she'll be forced to talk to me about it. I hope it works. I can't stand the way things are now between us. I give 110% of myself every day to her. But maybe that scares her. Maybe it is too much for her, too fast. So, adios LJ, have fun and take care. Treat my darling right, would you please? :) 



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